How we are paid

We offer an initial consultation free of charge and without any obligation. Before beginning any work on your behalf we will give you a choice as to how we are to be paid for our services. There are no hidden costs and we will tell you exactly what we charge in advance of us starting work.

Our adviser charges are dependent on the services you require but would normally fall into
three categories:

  • Review and Recommendation

    Our charge will be agreed with you from outset and covers the detailed financial planning work undertaken to research and analyse your current position and determine what steps should be taken to help you achieve your planning objectives. The specific charge will depend upon the complexity of the advice and the service being provided.

  • Implementation

    If you were to proceed with our recommendation, you can then instruct us to implement your plan and this will be subject to an implementation charge.

  • Ongoing Services

    We offer three different levels of ongoing services designed to provide you with the most appropriate service relevant to your circumstances. Please contact us for details of our Client Service Proposition.

Your payment options

We offer you the option to pay for our investment and pension services by way of an adviser charge which can be paid to us directly, deducted from a product or a combination of both. Please contact us for further details of our charging structure.

Please note that for certain products such as insurance contracts, you will also have the option for us to be remunerated by way of commission as an alternative to paying us an adviser charge.